Terms Of Service


It takes many hours to make these printables. Please respect my terms of use. Violation of the terms will result in the immediate termination of your membership.

1. Do Not Share Your Username and Password with anyone. The first time you log-in to the members section your ISP is traced and recorded. If you share or intend to share your log-in information with other people your membership will be immediately terminated.You can log in to your membership from both work and home.

2. Do Not Share Printables From The Members Area. The Printables in the members area are for your own use and are not to be distributed.

3. Do Not Claim The Printables As Your Own. All of my Printables are copyright protected and may not be placed in any collection or sold or claimed as your own.


Terms of use : In addition to the terms of use service above the member's printables may not be altered or distributed in any other way ... either for free. This also means they can not be put into any collections nor can they printed and sold. If you are unclear about how these printables may be used please contact me.


Thank you!!


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